Walking on Glass Street Bank Skyscraper, Dare?


China was a haven for extraordinary tourist attraction which presents the most daunting row of bridge in the world. After successfully building a glass bridge longest in the world, China has recently said to have launched the attractions to walk down the street on the edge of the glass Jinmao Tower.

The glass on the cliffs of this skyscraper was officially opened to the public on July 28, 2016. What makes it different from the various tourist attractions of glass bridges that exist in China? The glass walkway did not have handrails, and everyone really feel walking on the edge of the glass skyscrapers.

Travelers who want to feel the way on the glass, only use safety belts are linked to the body. With a road width of no more than 2 meters, you must complete a trip down along the glass Jinmao Tower 60 meters above the height of over 400 meters above the ground.

To feel walking down the street the glass edge of the building, at least you need to spend about 120 yuan, or equivalent to IDR 250 thousand for a single trip. To you who will pay a visit to China, let’s try the attractions which can increase the adrenaline!

LinkedIn Profile Tips Make It Easy to Work


regardless of whether you’re starting a business or a new foray into the world of work, LinkedIn is a networking tool that is appropriate to help you achieve a professional career path you want.

Not only of great use to you, LinkedIn is widely used by the HR team or business owner to look for potential candidates that match search criteria before doing the interview.

To help you create a LinkedIn profile more interesting, here are some tips you can employ to increase your chances of getting that dream job through LinkedIn.
1. Photos

According to a 2012 study by TheLadders, recruiters spend 19 percent of their time to look at pictures or photos of the candidates to be the target. A bit weird, but that’s a fact. It seems an interesting photograph becomes a factor that is affecting.

2. Headline

In addition to photos, profile headline is the next thing that is read by a headhunter. Therefore, take advantage of 120 characters that you have to provide a unique professional description about yourself.

3. Resume

After the photos and headlines, the resume is another important element that should you perhatiakan. Although LinkedIn provide 2,000 characters to describe more details about yourself, it helps to create a resume that further highlight the background, great achievements and goals.

Summary yourself will really help recruiters to identify the things outside of your job. Explain why you love the activities you’re doing at the moment and why you want to do something new.

Perform 5 Fun Activities Anti-Boros Here Together Friend


For having fun with friends, you do not have to choose a really extravagant lifestyle. There are many fun activities you can do together without being wasteful, such as traveling to the mall all the time. In order not to wonder, trying to do some activity following savers with friends.

1. Gather at the park or attraction urban
If you or your friends there who have a fairly wide yard, the title mat to show ‘Picnic’ while hanging. Alternatively, install the tent and create an atmosphere like he was camping.

You can also try to have fun together in a city park or other public facilities, which can be accessed free or cheap admission price. Pretty decent for a change rather than hanging out at the mall continues. Other attractions such as the museum is also not less exciting and remain efficient.

2. Gather at the house of one friend
Instead of spending time hanging out at the mall, and a movie at the cinema on the weekend resulting in wasteful spending, try to plan a weekend at the home of one friend. Bring a DVD to watch together and prepare a snack to be eaten a crowd.

In addition, you can also do cooking activities together. The food was made together with friends will feel more comfortable and filling!

3. Follow your favorite hobby or sport community
There are many benefits when joining the community of hobby or sport. Besides meeting new friends who have the same interests, so the community can get special access or special rates when using the sports facilities or activities related to the hobby.

4. Rame-do list of events cycling, marathon, or other city festivals
Try joining events such as cycling or running a marathon together. Besides fun, these activities are usually accompanied by a gift. Quite right to follow along with friends while agility contest?

5. Play the game
Playing Xbox or Playstation together also be a fun activity. Play a game with that character or cooperation agility contest, guaranteed fun!

In addition to the five above activities, you can also apply various saving strategies that do not change your lifestyle. One common way is to use a credit card. Various features such as cashback or discount can be used to downsize. Use of financial product comparison sites like HaloMoney.co.id to help you find the right credit card as needed.

Jose Mourinho: Finally We Get Paul Pogba!

A 2-1 win over Leicester City in the Community Shield match, marking his first trophy as manager of Manchester United, is not the only joy that is felt Jose Mourinho on Sunday (7/8).

He also received the happy news of the transfer market: the club finally managed to agree on the purchase of midfielder Paul Pogba from Juventus. Pogba’s move back to Old Trafford with the world’s most expensive record £ 100 million just waiting for medical tests and signing the contract.

Landing Pogba completes shopping activity Red Devils this summer after Mourinho hook Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

“Does this deal surely? I think so, finally,” said Mourinho in the press conference after the match versus Leicester at Wembley

“Exceptional taste as good as the players were with us. Finally we got it. He came to a winning team, a team that won two games [official] final, FA Cup and Charity Shield.”

“He had to work hard to come to the team. I can info before the game said to official livescore magazine , I have not had time to think about this. If he was here before the Premier League starts so that we have time to work, it was nice.”

After Sports, When is the Right Time to Eat?


Sports mandatory for those who want to stay healthy. However, often do not realize the amount of calories that is wasted after exercise should also be replaced. Total calorie substitutes are not the same for each person. Then there is the question of how many calories that enter our bodies after exercise and when the best time to do it?

It’s important to remember that the calorie intake is different for each person, depending on factors such as gender, height, age, and activity level.

However, in general, the National Institutes of Health recommends that people who exercise need to get 45-65 percent of daily calories from carbohydrates, 25-35 percent from fat, and 10-35 percent come from protein. And this calorie intake should not be increased, whether you’re working or not.

“If people are exercising for 30 or 40 or 50 minutes a day, they do not need the extra carbohydrates and sports drinks, they do not need it,” said Dr. Michael Joyner of the Mayo Clinic as reported by the Independent, on Friday (05/08/2016) ,

According to him, the only people who burn more than 500 calories per hour that need to increase their caloric intake. And this is not most of us. A person weighing 154 pounds should continue to run for at least an hour to burn more than 500 calories. Excess carbohydrates and calories can lead to weight gain.

This does not mean you do not eat before going to the gym. Eat as usual, only in moderation. A medical daily recommended to keep a good balance of carbohydrates and protein about 30-60 minutes before exercise. In fact we could eat right before going to the gym, because the old myth that says we can exercise at least 30 minutes after eating does not have a factual basis.

You also do not have to miss a meal either before or after exercise. Muscle hormones, such as testosterone, the highest in the bloodstream 15-30 minutes after exercise. So this is actually a good time to refuel your body with healthy snacks. After a light workout, the best snack is a banana, avocado, or foods with protein and sugar are quickly digested.

So the next time you to the gym, remember the simple principle that the best, that always combine a meal with a healthy portion of the exercise to meet your fitness goals.