Feeling over the hill at 30

Man Holding Pocket Watch in GrayscaleI need to tell you, turning thirty struck me hard. I gained 10 lbs, acquired two new cavities and can not get out of bed without my knees pounding, back aching and neck sore. There needs to be a better way to live, beginning with the pain relief. What happen to the days of going to bed at 2:00 a.m. everywhere that seemed comfortable and waking revived? Upon research I discovered many sorts of pillows and products developed to better support the body while at rest and supply relief for all those annoying morning pains.

For ultimate leisure and support I discovered the Berkie System. This product was designed by an orthopedic surgeon. The goal was to offer flexibility and relaxation in altitude, posture, neck, back and lumbar support. I really like the system because it includes several pieces which can be used together or individually. It can be reversed, adjusted or turned to any position. There’s a head rest, little slant, big slant, leg rest and leg wedge. Seems like a lot but it is a wonderful way to get all of the support you want. The system is made of a high grade polyurethane and temperature sensitive memory foam at a polyester shell. It is what I have begun using to cut back my morning body pains.

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For those with particular back pains I discovered several products targeting the region. For upper body back aches there’s the Berkie Back Rest. It’s made of memory foam polymers providing temperature sensitive visco-elastic polymers to alleviate g-fore pressures. It’s an ergonomic shape base that absorbs and reallocates pressure evenly across the trunk and upper body. Fantastic for support when sitting up to rest, read or see T.V.. There’s also the Avana Slant made to help reduce back pain when lying down or sleeping. It keeps the entire torso gently elevated providing the perfect sleep surface. For those who have minor back pains I propose having a body pillow. I have used a body pillow for many years to support my sleep posture. These products are designed to provide optimum support in all four fundamental sleep positions and provide an excellent night sleep.

I organize the pieces to give back support and gently lift my legs. Do not let turning slow you down. There are many products available to assist you locate the support you need and wake up feeling like 18 again.

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